Snow and Seoul City Light

Snow and Seoul City Light

“Look at the snow flake!” I said. How excited me to see the snow at that time. I live in a tropical country more than 20 years. Only dry and rainy season throughout the year. And of course, it became my first time to see the snow flakes in South Korea, about a year ago in February 2011.
How cold the weather it was, but I don’t pay much attention. It was really exciting to see the pure white flakes fall from the night sky of Seoul. Yup, I was in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, one of famous and big city in the world. Look at the fusion of city light and snowflakes became an outstanding beauty for a tropical kid like me. Thank you for amaze me several times 🙂



Camera 360

I imagined one of my friend while drawing this. Thyana is a nice name for her. She’s so pretty, nice, kind, and really really shy. Her skin is so white with natural blush on her cheek. So cute! She prefer hiding and not talk much in public place, and keep sighting what people talk about. Her big eyes and wavy brown hair are my favorite. You know, she seems so lovely when talking. Sweet and nice, wish one day I could introduce her to you! 🙂

Situ Patengan

danau2xThis beautiful scenery named Situ Patengan. Situ (in local langauge) means a lake. This place is one the most famous tourism in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Anyway, before I captured the picture, we rode a boat to pass the lake, then finally arrived at a small island in the middle of the lake. You can see how wonderful scenery I saw at that time!


I made it about two months ago. Don’t know why I name her “Kiyara”, because just sounds lovely and adorable. The blown hair by wind is still my favorite thing to draw. Fyi, I made it by one finger, forefinger, kindda hard but it was seriously fun. Yup, I made it on ipad–without stylus. The hardest thing I found was eyes detail. The forefinger quite hard to touch in a tiny thing. But it doesnt matter, I still lover her. Can’t wait for the next art!

Hello world!

Dear folks,

Welcome to my Skizze Story. It’s very my first post.  This blog contains of the artwork of my own hand; sketches, photos, or anything I’d love to make by myself.  You may like or hate me, it’s up to you. You also allowed to comment or ignore it. One thing, I really appreciate if you give the appreciation back to me. Thanks for your kindness,

Enjoy the art and have a good day! 🙂